Cleghorn Family Tree

Arthur ChoteAge: 70 years18671937

Arthur Chote
Given names
Birth 1867

MarriageSarah Jane HaganView this family
18 August 1892 (Age 25 years)
Address: Lower Hutt Catholic Church
Religion: Catholic
Note: Double wedding with her brother James Patrick Edward Hagen
Death of a wifeSarah Jane Hagan
8 September 1937 (Age 70 years)

Death 1937 (Age 70 years)

Address: St Joseph's Catholic Church
Religion: Catholic
Family with Sarah Jane Hagan - View this family
Marriage: 18 August 1892Lower Hutt, New Zealand


Double wedding with her brother James Patrick Edward Hagen


The burial plots at the churchyard were no. 49 and 50. The remains were disinterred and moved to a common grave which was still under the new church but was of sufficient distance away from the alter to satisfy the then canon rules of graves and altar placements. The Priest at the time, stated that these graves should still be under the church.

When the new church was built, the other graves in the old cemetery beside the church were shifted to the lawn cemetery and a plaque with the names of all the deceased was placed outside the church.

The boy John Hagan appears to have been left off the plaque.

Both Artur and Sarah Chote are shown to have died in 1937 and were buried in the old Catholic cemetery at Upper Hutt. In 1963 the Chote grave, together with all the other graves in the cemetery were shifted to make room for the present church. They are now buried in the lawn cemetery beside the Upper Hutt Catholic Church.

This burial ground was officially closed by Act of Parliament in 1969, with all the monuments and headstones removed.