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Hawise of Normandy

Hawise of Normandy1034

Hawise of Normandy
Given names
of Normandy
Married name
Hawise de Rennes
Religious marriageGeoffrey de RennesView this family
Death of a husbandGeoffrey de Rennes
20 November 1008
Death 21 February 1034

Family with Geoffrey de Rennes - View this family
Geoffrey de Rennes
Birth: about 980 25 25Rennes, Ille-et-Vilaine, Bretagne, France
Death: 20 November 1008Rome, Roma, Lazio, Italy
Marriage: 996Normandy, France


In 996, at about the age of sixteen, Geoffrey entered into a dynastic alliance with Richard II, Duke of Normandy, with a diplomatic double marriage between the two houses. The church-sanctioned marriage ceremonies were held at Mont Saint-Michel, on the Breton-Norman border, and while Geoffrey married Hawise of Normandy, daughter of Richard I of Normandy and sister of Richard II, Richard married Judith of Brittany, Geoffrey's sister.