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Bruce William Weir 1942

Bruce William WeirAge: 71 years19402012

Bruce William Weir
Given names
Bruce William
Birth 24 July 1940 35 28

Death of a paternal grandfatherRobert Weir
26 July 1954 (Age 14 years)
Death of a fatherDavid William Cowan Weir
18 April 1985 (Age 44 years)
Cause: Died peacefully in his sleep during an afternoon nap after doing his gardening
Death of a motherChristina Margaret Cheyne
14 January 1996 (Age 55 years)
Death of a wifeRuth
May 2011 (Age 70 years)


Note: Bruce had a lively social life in his teenage years. He was tall and fair, so was in great demand as…
Death 18 February 2012 (Age 71 years)
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Bruce had a lively social life in his teenage years. He was tall and fair, so was in great demand as a partner for dances – in particular Debutante Balls which were all the rage in the 1950s. His 'problem' became the girls he took out. They usually decided he was 'a bit of alright' and often wanted to become more serious. However Bruce was never all that keen to the extent that when one would ring up wanting to talk to Bruce it was his Mum who had to put them off with some story or other.

Bruce served his apprenticeship as a builder in the Railways and became a qualified tradesman in 1958 or 1959. He also worked for a local (Tawa) builder. In 1960 (shortly after Graham and Alison's wedding) Bruce and 2 friends went to Sydney Australia for some 'OE'. They worked at various casual jobs – got up to a great deal of mischief – in the year the were there. Itchy feet got the better of them however and they set sail for UK. (6 weeks on a boat.) Bruce told Graham later they arrived at Southampton in (January- probably 1961) and it was the worst snow that had been in 20 years. He said they almost turned around and came back to New Zealand.

But he stayed in London, living with newly made friends as well as the mates he went overseas with, and they worked wherever they could get jobs. In those days it was relatively easy for tradesmen and others from NZ to get work because New Zealanders were regarded quite highly. It was there he met Ruth and they married in approximately 1968. The NZ family gathered at Dave & Christina's house in Tawa to speak to him by phone during the Wedding Reception (8.30am in NZ and 8.30pm in UK.) Graham told him he sounded like a 'pom' and Bruce said Graham sounded like an Aussie!

Bruce and Ruth came (back) to New Zealand in 1970 or 1971 and settled in Linden where they rented a flat for about a year. Bruce was welcomed back with open arms by his former employer and among other things built a house for he and Ruth and their growing family. He built a four bedroom house on a property in Rembrandt Avenue overlooking Linden. They lived there until they went back to UK in 1980. Bruce had always wanted to go back to UK where he told Graham he felt more at home, started a building business which was very successful. That is where his daughters (Joanne (Jo), Karyn and Leonie) grew up went to school, University, married and where Karyn and Leonie have their families. Bruce was very proud of his family and their children. Ruth died of cancer in May 2011 and Bruce died suddenly at his home in February 2012