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Top Surnames being researched:
Cleghorn, Davis, Caverhill, King, Hensman, Monk, Templer, Wykes, Walker, Shrimpton, Dath, Hagen

Main locations of ancestors: New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia

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John Walker (grandson of James Robert Cleghorn)

A Letter To My Ancestors

A Letter to my Ancestors

'Twas some years ago that I began to learn about your lives
your trials and tribulations, your siblings, husbands and wives.
You were but shadows in the past, your faces were unknown
but now you are reality - your persona now is shown.
Slowly through those years your stories did unfold
and now with love and tenderness they are ready to be told.
As I uncovered secrets you may have wished to hide,
I learned they were a part of you and I tell them now with pride.
In conclusion my dear ancestors, I would like to say,
If it was not for your strength and courage I'd not be here today.

.Pamela R Chismon 
                        (author of The Devonshires From Cornwall)

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Ronald Garnett Watson Gordon24 March 200612Death
David Weir24 March 1864154Birth
Jane Angel Stone24 March 1825193Birth
John Scriven + Amelia Angel Stone24 March 1848170Marriage
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Lorraine Theresa ‘Anne’ Taft25 March 199424Death
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Leonard Frank King25 March 1906112Birth
Alexander Weir25 March 1859159Birth
Susan Fuller25 March 1808210Christening
Richard Monk25 March 1790228Death
Alexander Weir26 March 193484Death
Catherine Mary Dathbetween 26 March 1894 and 18 December 1902124Education
Ann Jane Edmonds26 March 1875143Birth
George King26 March 1824194Baptism
George King Lucas27 March 197147Death
Joseph Edward Bloomfield27 March 1904114Death
William Angel Stone + Elizabeth Hanna Collings27 March 1852166Marriage
Albert Arnold Fisher28 March 196256Death
Henry Templer28 March 193583Death
Charles Holland Dunford28 March 1915103Death
Edward Herbert Herbert28 March 1861157Birth
Elin Grant28 March 1778240Birth
Elin Grant28 March 1778240Christening
Eleanor Cleghorn28 March 1731287Birth
Simon Bedwell + Jane Gleadle28 March 1777241Marriage
Robert Phillip Wood29 March 197345Burial
Joseph Edward Bloomfield29 March 1904114Burial
William King29 March 1821197Burial
Margaret Maria Pruden29 March 1810208Birth
Robert de Cromwell29 March 1461557Death
Walter McKay McDonald30 March 198335Death
Kenneth McKay ‘Tom’ Weir30 March 197642Death
George King Lucas30 March 197147Burial
Albert Arnold Fisher30 March 196256Burial
Kenneth McKay ‘Tom’ Weir31 March 1898120Birth
Helen Theresa Dath31 March 1887131Birth
Statistics - Cleghorn Family Tree

This family tree was last updated on 22 March 2018.

There are 794 surnames and 2,933 people in this family tree.

The earliest recorded event is the birth of:
Dag Dyggvasson in 403

The most recent event is the marriage of:
Private + Private in 2018

Most common surnames
Andrew, Caverhill, Cleghorn, Davis, Hagan, Herbert, King, McDonald, Shrimpton, Weir