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Top Surnames being researched:
Cleghorn, Davis, Caverhill, King, Hensman, Monk, Templer, Wykes, Walker, Shrimpton, Dath, Hagen

Main locations of ancestors: New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia

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John Walker (grandson of James Robert Cleghorn)

A Letter To My Ancestors

A Letter to my Ancestors

'Twas some years ago that I began to learn about your lives
your trials and tribulations, your siblings, husbands and wives.
You were but shadows in the past, your faces were unknown
but now you are reality - your persona now is shown.
Slowly through those years your stories did unfold
and now with love and tenderness they are ready to be told.
As I uncovered secrets you may have wished to hide,
I learned they were a part of you and I tell them now with pride.
In conclusion my dear ancestors, I would like to say,
If it was not for your strength and courage I'd not be here today.

.Pamela R Chismon 
                        (author of The Devonshires From Cornwall)

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On this day
Robert Hedley Cleghorn21 September 1848170Birth
Edward Finch + Catherine Mary Armstrong21 September 1877141Marriage
Upcoming events
Charles Whitmore Isitt22 September 194672Death
Alfred Eric Cleghorn22 September 194672Burial
John Wykes22 September 1806212Christening
Sarah Wykes22 September 1806212Christening
Margaret 22 September 1765253Burial
Margaret 22 September 1765253Death
James Weir + Katherine Delaney22 September 1876142Marriage
John Gibbs Pearce + Mary Angel Stone22 September 1848170Marriage
Karen Marie Day23 September 20099Burial
Karen Marie Day23 September 20099Funeral
Victor Harold Josephs24 September 20108Death
Bethal Thelma Pruden24 September 200315Death
Bridget Armstrong24 September 193781Death
Jennifer Julia Ayers25 September 196157Birth
Wendy Yvonne Collie25 September 194078Birth
Thomas Phillip ‘Tom’ Walker25 September 192494Supreme Court
Dulcibelle Ethel ‘Dulcie’ 25 September 1912106Birth
Florence Amelia Caverhill25 September 1906112Birth
Ivy Ethel Lucas25 September 1901117Birth
Charles King25 September 1857161Burial
Thomas Comben25 September 1803215Baptism
John Hensman25 September 1799219Death
Sarah Capell25 September 1796222Birth
Robert Arthur Daniel ‘Bob’ Robinson26 September 199919Death
Lilian Christina Evans26 September 197345Death
Edward Finch26 September 193880Death
Richard John Hagan26 September 1864154Magistrates Court
James Lay Cleghorn26 September 1850168Birth
John Hensman26 September 1799219Burial
Allison Heather Donaldson De Dath27 September 196850Burial
Agnes Martha Caverhill27 September 193880Death
Bridget Armstrong27 September 193781Burial
Francis Charles Isitt27 September 1899119Birth
Reginald Charles Templer27 September 1855163Birth
Charles Holland Dunford27 September 1839179Birth
George William Cleghorn27 September 1812206Christening
William Esmond Charles Chapman28 September 199325Death
Annie Hossack Buist28 September 199226Death
Christina Margaret Hagan28 September 1881137Birth
Frances Hensman28 September 1840178Birth
Sarah Cleghorn28 September 1837181Birth
William King28 September 1820198Birth
Robert III 'Curthose' of Normandy 8th Duc de Normandie28 September 1106912Military
Statistics - Cleghorn Family Tree

This family tree was last updated on 21 September 2018.

There are 835 surnames and 3,079 people in this family tree.

The earliest recorded event is the birth of:
Dag Dyggvasson in 403

The most recent event is the marriage of:
Private + Private in 2018

Most common surnames
Caverhill, Cleghorn, Davis, Hagan, Herbert, King, McDonald, Shrimpton, Walker, Weir