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Top Surnames being researched:
Cleghorn, Davis, Caverhill, King, Hensman, Monk, Templer, Wykes, Walker, Shrimpton, Dath, Hagen

Main locations of ancestors: New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia

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John Walker (grandson of James Robert Cleghorn)

A Letter To My Ancestors

A Letter to my Ancestors

'Twas some years ago that I began to learn about your lives
your trials and tribulations, your siblings, husbands and wives.
You were but shadows in the past, your faces were unknown
but now you are reality - your persona now is shown.
Slowly through those years your stories did unfold
and now with love and tenderness they are ready to be told.
As I uncovered secrets you may have wished to hide,
I learned they were a part of you and I tell them now with pride.
In conclusion my dear ancestors, I would like to say,
If it was not for your strength and courage I'd not be here today.

.Pamela R Chismon 
                        (author of The Devonshires From Cornwall)

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On this day
Harold CleghornOctober 27, 199921Death
Mary Ann HaganOctober 27, 195565Death
Alec Fitzgerald CleghornOctober 27, 193981Birth
Catherine MacKayOctober 27, 192199Death
Margaret Burnet DavisOctober 27, 1908112Birth
Edward George Le Vavasseure + Ethel Mary CleghornOctober 27, 197644Marriage
Joseph Drumm + Mary LonerganOctober 27, 1864156Marriage
Robert Pearce + Ann StoneOctober 27, 1838182Marriage
Upcoming events
Amuri RutherfordOctober 28, 198832Death
Reverend Leonard Monk Isittbetween October 28, 1925 and July 29, 193795Political
Andrew Roy CaverhillOctober 28, 1917103Birth
John Dathbetween October 28, 1889 and February 4, 1891131Education
Harold CleghornOctober 29, 199921Burial
Malcom Ross BarrOctober 29, 195466Death
Barry AndrewOctober 29, 195268Death
Barry AndrewOctober 29, 195268Burial
Angelina Sarah FloranceOctober 29, 1892128Death
John DathOctober 29, 1884136Baptism
Henry CromwellOctober 29, 1630390Death
Michael Hensman + Margaret EllisOctober 29, 1576444Marriage
Alfred James WalkerOctober 30, 198139Death
Malcolm Ernest AllanOctober 30, 195070Birth
Malcolm Ernest AllanOctober 30, 195070Death
William MonkOctober 30, 1851169Death
Caroline MonkOctober 30, 1841179Immigration
Sarah ChisnallOctober 30, 1814206Christening
John Bedwell KingOctober 30, 1814206Birth
John Bedwell KingOctober 30, 1814206Baptism
Richard James Monk + Margaret Letitia ThomsonOctober 30, 1855165Marriage
Annie Agnes WalkerOctober 31, 196852Death
Willard Whitmore IsittOctober 31, 1916104Death
Robert Stanley WeirOctober 31, 1894126Birth
George BrownOctober 31, 1882138Death
Evelyn Priscilla Doreen WeirNovember 200317Death
Thomas Hearn CleghornNovember 198931Death
Hugh Reginald TemplerNovember 193486Death
Kate Charlotte WhitemanNovember 192793Death
Esther Amelia MorrisonNovember 192694Death
Thomas Dexter Hensmanabout November 1882138Death
Ann Chick Scrivenabout November 1848172Birth
Ralph CleghornNovember 1843177Death
Mary Angel Stoneabout November 1827193Birth
George NottNovember 1795225Death
Joan Stoneabout November 1793227Birth
Robert Debbenabout November 1792228Birth
John ScrivenNovember 1790230Birth
Joseph NottNovember 1769251Death
Charlotte EvansNovember 1, 196258Death
Angelina Sarah FloranceNovember 1, 1892128Burial
Eliza Catherine DavisNovember 1, 1879141Birth
Laura Louise CaverhillNovember 1, 1878142Birth
Mary Anne CharletonNovember 1, 1871149Immigration
Mary Lonerganbefore November 1, 1838182Birth
Mary LonerganNovember 1, 1838182Baptism
William Monk + Mary HerbertNovember 1, 1825195Marriage
Annie Hossack BuistNovember 2, 199228Probate
Amuri RutherfordNovember 2, 198832Burial
Susan Constance November 2, 192793Death
Joseph William EdmondsNovember 2, 1879141Birth
Jane Elizabeth HerbertNovember 2, 1828192Christening
Matilda de FlandreNovember 2, 1083937Death
George Eugene Pruden + Mary Ann WilliamsNovember 2, 1863157Marriage
James Henry AllenNovember 3, 199129Death
Marion Jane Sommerville PhillipsNovember 3, 196258Death
Annie LonerganNovember 3, 1904116Death
Francis King CaverhillNovember 3, 1870150Birth
Anne TemplerNovember 3, 1861159Birth
Algernon Napier Were Aplin + Maggie Nita CaverhillNovember 3, 1910110Marriage
Andrew William Rutherford + Elizabeth “Emily Jane” MonkNovember 3, 1873147Marriage
George Osborne + Jane KingNovember 3, 1846174Marriage
Statistics - Cleghorn Family Tree

This family tree was last updated on June 7, 2020.

There are 841 surnames and 3,096 people in this family tree.

The earliest recorded event is the birth of:
Dag Dyggvasson in 403

The most recent event is the death of:
Sonia Raewyn Walker in 2020

Most common surnames
Caverhill, Cleghorn, Davis, Hagan, Herbert, King, McDonald, Shrimpton, Walker, Weir